Macular Hole

A macular hole is a small tear in the macula, which is located at centre of the retina and is responsible for central vision. Macular hole is usually associated with ageing, but can also be caused by other eye disorders, trauma, epiretinal membrane and retinal detachment.

Macular hole occurs when the vitreous, a gel-like substance that fills most of the eye, shrinks and withdraws from the retinal surface. This is a normal part of ageing, but sometimes when the vitreous pulls away it can tear a small hole in the retina through which fluid then enters, causing blurring and distortion of central vision.

Early treatment of macular hole is important, and in most cases vitrectomy surgery will be necessary. Vitrectomy surgery for macular hole involves removing the vitreous to prevent it from pulling on the retina, and replacing it with an artificial bubble that holds the edge of the macular hole in place, enabling it to heal. Postoperative posturing is usually required following vitrectomy for macular hole.

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